Our services

Mail and Parcels Delivery

We collect and deliver your parcels on time. The service is available both within Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece.

Flowers and Gift Delivery

For today's hectic lifestyles, buying and delivering flowers or gifts for important occasions may not always fit your schedule. Let us do the hard work timely and courteously

Baggage Handling and Delivery

We'll get your luggage delivered on the same day as delivered from your airline. Please contact us for a quotation.

Taxi Services for Special Occasions

Do you want to enjoy a night out and not have to worry about a drink? Leave your car at home and let us take to and from your destination in comfort. We work around the clock.

Wedding Transport services

We will ensure an unforgettable wedding car experience. Whatever your requirements are, let us know. We can provide ribbons, flowers and much more.

Pet transport

We will be happy to transport your pets safely. Please call us about your needs.

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