The history of taxi in Greece

What is the history of taxi in Greece, when did the taxi make it's first appearance in the large cities. Lets find out!

The evolution of Taxi in Greece

From taxi fares to customized transfer services and private excursions, the taxi industry in Greece has evolved very quickly the last 15 years. The most significant push towards the new face of the taxi business was given by the tourism sector and the constantly changing needs of the customers.

Standard Taxi Prices for the major Greek airports

Very good news for the taxi and transfer industry in Greece and that because it is now a law that the taxi fare or transfer from and to the airports of major Greek cities during the tourist season have a fixed price.

Greece 2017 – A very promising tourist season

All the stats so far show that Greece in 2017 is going to have a record season as it comes to tourists. This couldn’t leave Thessaloniki unaffected since we are waiting an increased number of travellers at Thessaloniki airport as well

A new era for the Greek airports

14 Greek airports are changing hands and they are going to be managed by a private company in order to upgrade their services and infrastructure.