Halkidiki – A magical place

Halkidiki – A magical place

The last years the region of Halkidiki has become the hidden gem of Greek tourism in northern Greece and that is not so strange since there is an old saying about the place “nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki”. More than 1 million tourists visited Halkidiki the summer months of 2017 a number that has been increasing constantly the last few years. German, Swedish, Austrian, Italian you name the country and we are sure you are going to find someone from there enjoying the sun in one of Halkidiki's beaches.

The location

Halkidiki offers a variety of tourism categories, here you can find the young people that want to party and have fun all day long in the numerous and well organised beach bars or even the family that wishes to have a quiet vacation and chill out. Easily accessible by car and only 40 minutes away from the city of Thessaloniki the region is popular for the paradise like beaches that can be found everywhere and for the beautiful pine forests that cover large areas. 

A place for anyone

Some of the small cities and villages that are worth visiting are Nikiti, Vourvourou, Kallithea, Pefkochori, Nea Kallikrateia, Olympiada, Sarti and more. These are only a few places that we mention here, it is up to you to take a look at the map and make a unique trip each and every day. Partying, good food, white sand beaches, relaxing hotels and facilities are here to satisfy every kind of vacation you have in mind. A vast number of hotels are located here in order to provide accommodation for all tastes and wallets and the last years we have seen an increasing number of luxury resorts.

Halkidiki is also the home for the famous monastery community of Agion Oros or Mount Athos as it is more usually called. There around 25 large monasteries and smaller communities offer a magical mixture of religion and breathtaking scenery, but in order to visit it you have to be a man since no women are allowed there.

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